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New York City Couple Results in Less than 10% of Population

In one of the biggest cities of the world, New York City is known to be an extremely difficult dating scene when it comes to filtering through the crowd that is most compatible with you.

Taso and Maria Pardalis, a couple in New York City with two lovely children, decided to take our compatibility test after a bit of skepticism. Maria is a believer in the saying that “things are meant to be,” and never considered using science to determine the compatibility of her marriage.

The couple was approached by ABC ‘s “Nightline Prime” and they took the test on national television! After a few weeks, the couple received some surprising results: Taso and Maria are 98 percent genetically compatible, an extremely rare case that less than 10 percent of the population ever falls under.

See the rest of their story where they put their marriage to the Genetic Test!


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  1. JaneReply

    This is pretty cool. Buuuut I think my hubby and I would rank in the 10% range too! Except I’d have to convince him to spit in a tube first, LOL.

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