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New York City Couple Results in Less than 10% of Population

In one of the biggest cities of the world, New York City is known to be an extremely difficult dating scene when it comes to filtering through the crowd that is most compatible with you.

Taso and Maria Pardalis, a couple in New York City with two lovely children, decided to take our compatibility test after a bit of skepticism. Maria is a believer in the saying that “things are meant to be,” and never considered using science to determine the compatibility of her marriage.


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Psychology Test Meets Modern Day Matchmaking

You’ve met someone and there’s an initial attraction. Your date is not a loser, not a bad person, not a psycho, or a user. Whew, all the run-don’t-walk-away signs are absent.

You’ve taken endless compatibility and psychology tests but the dejavu is ringing true again.  You’ve practically worn down the path of great beginnings. It starts off well and then there are those private thoughts that start creeping in: Really? I don’t like that at all! That makes me uncomfortable. I’m not sure that would work for me. It’s not the fit I thought it was…



Attraction: Using Your Sense of Smell

We’ve all heard the saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But is this actually the case?

Evolutionary psychologist Dr. David Buss would argue yes and no – depending on which sex you’re talking about. While it is obvious that a person’s appearance factors into attraction, in the book “Why Women Have Sex”, Dr. Buss writes that women place a higher importance on smell than men do.



The Most Important Thing You Should Consider When Getting Married

Have you noticed that fewer people are getting married these days? And those that do are waiting longer? According to the CDC, marriage rates are decreasing every year. At the same time, divorce rates are staying constant. So what does this all mean?

Testing Out the Waters

Those decreasing marriage rates are being partially displaced by an increased number of cohabiting couples. Actually, a majority of first marriages begin with unmarried cohabitation. So, is this new trend good or bad? You’ll probably see studies showing that divorce rates among married couples that previously cohabitated are slightly higher.

This is only partially true.

It turns out that the age at which couples get married is the strongest predictor of divorce. The younger a couple is when they say “I do”, the higher chance they have for splitting up down the road. Actually, the research shows that the probability for divorce drops substantially after the age of 23. What’s the moral of the story?

Kids, hold your horses.