Compatibility Test Uses Biological and Psychological Factors to Determine Relationship Success

Compatibility TestInstant Chemistry has created a compatibility test that integrates genetics and a psychological algorithm to determine the success of a couple’s relationship. These relationship markers are scientifically proven to show who we are attracted to and how successful our relationships can be.

A form of genetic compatibility between two people is biological compatibility. If a couple has very different immune system genes from each other, it is found that they will have a better chance of lasting in a long-term relationship. The success rate of your relationship is based on six genetic variants in  your immune system to compare with your partner’s to match your genetic compatibility.

Alongside our genetic scale is a psychological compatibility test. The psychological tool is built as a questionnaire to predict long-term relationship satisfaction. Couples who report overall relationship happiness have been found to hold four key interpersonal factors:

  • Social Behavior – Assesses your interest in togetherness or solitude
  • Dominance Behavior – Whether you prefer to lead or follow
  • Submissive Behavior – Whether you are more accommodating or not
  • Intimacy Behavior – Assesses your willingness to share personal information

Instant Chemistry’s compatibility test is a unique combination of scientific and social indicators that result in a mixture of highly correlated data to predetermine the success of a relationship.

Take this 15-minute compatibility test and minimize the time it takes to find a great match! If you’d like to see how your partner matches to your results, click here for more information.