Our Couples Kit: Only $149 + Free Shipping (Limited Time Only)*

Are you apprehensive about getting a report focusing on your genetic makeup and how it may impact your relationship? Consider this: Recent discoveries in the science of genetics are revealing the surprising plasticity of our brains and transforming how we think about the role of nurture and DNA, environment and heredity, and the malleability of human nature. Our relationship report will provide a guide to improve, strengthen and enhance your relationship.

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Order Now Relationship Compatibility Kit
Love Manual
    Here’s what you get:

  • Two quick, simple, non-invasive collection kits for you and your partner
  • Tests for 6 gene variants in the immune (HLA) system that are associated with increased physical attraction and relationship success
  • Tests for 4 genetic variants linked to emotional response, empathy, risk taking and adventurous behaviors
  • Personality test that assesses long-term psychological compatibility
  • Comprehensive personalized 30 page compatibility “Love Manual” digital report
  • Completely private and secure

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