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Privacy Guarantee

No surprise relatives, no criminal cases and no health scares. 

We treat your DNA differently than many genetic testing companies. Knowing what we do with a DNA sample helps inform you when deciding whether to make a purchase. Our aim is to be as open and transparent as possible so you, as the customer, feel confident in how your DNA will be treated.

If you still have questions or concerns after reading this guarantee, please reach out to us.  We are always ready to answer your questions.

How do we guarantee your privacy?

Many genetic testing companies either sequence DNA samples or test for hundreds of thousands of small changes in DNA sequences called SNPs (pronounced “snips”). Having this extensive amount of information gives the company more insights into a DNA sample than the customer might realize or be counting on. This amount of information can be used by police to investigate crimes, it can be used to identify relatives or even confirm that someone is not your genetic relative, when you thought they were. It can also provide information about unexpected health concerns for the person or their family members.

Results from sequencing DNA samples.  The genetic code is revealed to know the exact sequence of a person's DNA.

Our test is different. We use a technique called quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (qRT PCR) to analyze a DNA sample. This technique does not sequence the DNA. It only gives us a tiny bit of information which focuses on the genes we tell you are being tested. Since we have such a small amount of information, the test is useless when it comes to criminal investigations or ancestry information. Someone would never be able to identify a long lost relative taking this test. It cannot be used as a paternity test or to determine if someone is related to you. In addition, the information collected by our test is so small we cannot determine if an individual has any health related concerns. As such, your genetic privacy is maintained throughout the testing process.

Results from quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction.  The DNA sequence is not revealed.  Amplification indicates the presence or absence of genetic variants.  Genetic privacy is maintained at all time using this method.

We believe a genetic test should be used to benefit you, the client. Our goal is not to collect as much information about you as possible. We don’t aim to benefit from selling your data to third part companies. We don’t aim to give you unwanted ancestry information. We wont unexpectedly link you to a long lost relative you never wanted to know about or meet. You’ve got enough birthdays to celebrate without adding one more. Ultimately our test is not about the genetics. It’s about your relationship. It’s about taking your relationship to a deeper level. It’s about having a strong loving connection to your life partner for years to come. Your genetic results facilitates this goal. We believe you should have access to that information without worrying about your DNA being used in ways you never expected.

"Ultimately our test is not about genetics.  It's about your relationship.  It's about taking your relationship to a deeper lever.  It's about having a strong loving connection to your life partner for years to come."


We are committed to maintaining your genetic privacy.  Please reach out to us with your questions or concerns.

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