Women's DNA T-Shirt + Report

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Personality DNA t-shirt + Report

Find out your core personality type through genetics and proudly show it off on your very own personality DNA tee!

DNA T-Shirt + Report - ships worldwide!!

Your personality DNA T-Shirt is a fun and interesting way to find out your inner genetic personality. We test for 3 genes related to dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin function. These genes play an important role in shaping our personality. 

The 3 genes are:

DRD4 - A receptor for dopamine sways how much risk we take and our desires to try new things.

SLC6A4 - A transporter for serotonin affects our passionate versus practical take on life.

OXTR - A receptor for oxytocin affects how well we interpret other people's emotions. 

There are 8 different Genetic Personalities. You are one of the 8 personalities and the best part is, you don't know which genetic personality you are until your test is complete!

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