Deciding to get married: a man’s perspective

You’ve been on the dating circuit longer than you’re ready to admit and you’ve found lots of interested men, but sex is their interest, not settling down. You’re understandably discouraged. You certainly want relationship compatibility, but first he has to be available to go the distance, you’re done with the sprinter circuit. You’d love some encouraging news.

Wait no more! In the good news department are the National Marriage Project studies to guide you. Deciding to get married can be a big decision and  there are a myriad of reasons why a man might be commitment-phobic, but the studies also confirm that most men do eventually get married.

Here is some research that may make your day and more importantly, put some science in your search:



The Most Important Thing You Should Consider When Getting Married

Have you noticed that fewer people are getting married these days? And those that do are waiting longer? According to the CDC, marriage rates are decreasing every year. At the same time, divorce rates are staying constant. So what does this all mean?

Testing Out the Waters

Those decreasing marriage rates are being partially displaced by an increased number of cohabiting couples. Actually, a majority of first marriages begin with unmarried cohabitation. So, is this new trend good or bad? You’ll probably see studies showing that divorce rates among married couples that previously cohabitated are slightly higher.

This is only partially true.

It turns out that the age at which couples get married is the strongest predictor of divorce. The younger a couple is when they say “I do”, the higher chance they have for splitting up down the road. Actually, the research shows that the probability for divorce drops substantially after the age of 23. What’s the moral of the story?

Kids, hold your horses.