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  • “After going through this fantastic experience and learning more about ourselves and each other, I can truly say that I am happy I decided to take the test. Science is amazing.”
    Maria-New York, USA
  • “I was very sceptical about this test, but having gone through the results with my boyfriend, I’m pretty impressed.”
    Katie-London, UK
  • “All in all, it was an interesting experience and I’m glad I took part. It did cause me to reexamine parts of our personalities I’d always taken for granted and look at them in a new way.”
    Cynthia-San Diego, USA
  • “My husband and I went through the results two weeks ago and in hindsight, they have brought us closer together.”
  • “To my delight I found our results in my inbox! My boyfriend messaged me a little earlier that he is thoroughly impressed with the detailed report and so am I.”
    Nazuki-Los Angeles, USA
  • “Using the DNA sample kit was easy and fun. If the results of our test are any indication then this type of product could be beneficial in helping people find their perfect match.”
    Jon-Toronto, Canada

Relationship Compatibility

Instant Chemistry uses cutting-edge scientific research to bring you the latest advancements in relationship science. Our Couples Kit will provide you with a customized relationship roadmap that will help you keep your connection strong. We help you examine your relationship along three measures of compatibility: biocompatibility, neurocompatibility, and psychological compatibility. Our solution is a multipronged, comprehensive compatibility assessment that provides results that are understandable, meaningful and most important, point the way toward lasting love.



We test for complementary genes that are known to result in a higher level of physical attraction and a higher likelihood of a long-term stable relationship. We will assess your biocompatibility level in all these areas and explore their relationship implications for you.


Explore how your genetic code impacts your personality and how this is going to impact a relationship. Understanding your partner’s emotional behavior, as well as your own is the key to successfully dealing with relationship challenges, solving problems and to better communication.


Psychological compatibility

Our psychology instrument profiles your behavioral patterns in four well-researched dimensions of relationships. Your results, will enlighten you as to how you match with your partner whose results may differ on some factors and perhaps overlap on others.


A long-term relationship is important to you. Science has a lot to say about that, especially if you want to ensure your unceasing compatibility. Relationships grow, but your DNA and core personality stay constant. Find out the underlying compatibility between you and your partner to help your relationship grow.

Step 1: Order

Simply start by ordering a kit for you and your partner from us.

Step 2: Register

Be sure to register your kit when you receive it in the mail. We won't be able to process your results if you don't!

Step 3: Send

Spit in the tube, pack it up in the included prepaid envelope, and send it off at your local FedEx office.

Step 4: Receive

Login to our secure portal, complete your personality assessment, and view your compatibility results.

Your Privacy is Important

Your DNA sample is submitted anonymously to our labs. After processing, your sample is destroyed in accordance with legally mandated regulatory procedures. All of our systems are compliant with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

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