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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Instant Chemistry Kit work?

Instant Chemistry is offering a genetic test as an additional tool for professional dating and matchmaking services to help assess the biological compatibility between their clients. In addition, Instant Chemistry is offering couples a unique opportunity to test their overall compatibility. This service collects a DNA sample from an individual and identifies the genetic make-up of part of their major histocompatibility complex (MHC/HLA) and genes related to serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine function. Collecting the DNA is as simple as taking a saliva sample. The DNA is then isolated for genetic analysis using Instant Chemistry’s confidential, secure, and proprietary process. This results in a unique IC BioCompatibility Score, which is then used to assess the person’s compatibility with other individuals based on their IC BioCompability Score. Analysis of the genetic make-up of two individuals may help determine whether two individuals will experience physical attraction and compatibility when they meet for the first time. Or if the couple is already together our compatibility report can help couples understand how their genes may be affecting their relationship.

What personal information does Instant Chemistry take from me?

To use Instant Chemistry’s service you need only provide Instant Chemistry with a sample of your DNA. Your DNA sample is submitted in an anonymous fashion using a bar-code identifier that is provided to you on a confidential basis as part of the testing kit. We call this your IC Personal Identifier which ensures your sample and DNA data are compiled and stored anonymously. Your personal DNA data is yours alone to access. If you're already in a relationship, not even your partner will be able to see it!

How will my personal information be used?

It will only be used to further improve our matching algorithms. Any statistical analysis of single individuals or couples in a self-identified relationship will be stripped of all personal information in advance. The tube containing your DNA sample will be labelled with a unique identification number. This unique identification number will be used to link your DNA sample to the personal information you provide. Every effort will be made to ensure confidentiality of any identifying information that is obtained in connection with this test. Your DNA sample is submitted anonymously by you using your IC Personal Identifier (and not your name or other personally identifiable data) directly to one of our accredited, licensed laboratories. These labs in turn will provide their results to Instant Chemistry anonymously for analysis. Instant Chemistry then submits this DNA analysis to our proprietary process to establish your unique IC BioCompatibility Score, which is reported privately to you on a secure, confidential basis.

Will Instant Chemistry conduct any health related analysis of my DNA?

No. The genetic tests that will be performed do not tell us anything about your health or health issues which you or your family may have. Your DNA sample will be destroyed immediately after it has been analyzed to establish your IC BioCompatibility Score and therefore cannot possibly be subject to any future testing that has not been authorized by you. Your privacy is our utmost concern. We will never share your DNA data with anyone unless you ask us to.

Who owns my DNA?

Instant Chemistry will own the results of research and analysis of the results. You will remain the owner of the samples you provide. Your samples will be stored with Instant Chemistry until we have uploaded your data into our database.

Are there risks to participating?

There are no known health risks involved in collecting your DNA with a saliva sample. That said, we may not be able to process your DNA for a number of reasons. If we can’t process your DNA we won’t be able to process the sample or provide your results. In addition, if we test your DNA and for whatever reason your test fails, we will send another test kit at no charge. We're pretty easy going that way!

Where will the testing be carried out?

Analysis of your DNA will be conducted at Instant Chemistry's own private facility. Our laboratories operate under strict scientific and privacy protocols established and supervised by Instant Chemistry.

What genetic information will be collected and how will it be used?

By providing Instant Chemistry with your DNA you agree to allow Instant Chemistry to collect information about the genetic make-up of your Major Histocompatibility Complex and genes related to serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine function. Instant Chemistry will also use genetic markers to identify the make-up of some of your major histocompatibility complex genes in determining your unique IC BioCompatibility factors. In addition, to enhance its database and analysis procedures, Instant Chemistry may obtain additional genetic information that’s not personally identifiable from the sample you submit to validate and improve the scientific knowledge and protocols behind our proprietary compatibility assessment process.

Why would I take this test with my partner?

Instant Chemistry was created to help singles find high quality matches in the abundance of online dating choices. Since we started, couples have repeatedly asked us to provide a test to assess overall compatibility with their partner. That was the reason why we created the Couples Kit. It is extraordinarily rare for couples to score perfect on all measures of compatibility. In fact, it’s never happened…yet. This is completely natural and all part of what makes all of our relationships unique and special. Instant Chemistry is not meant to score your relationship satisfaction. Rather, our genetic and psychological test will help you and your partner explore your relationship in a unique way. You’ll learn your strengths as a couple and areas where you might improve. Never before have you been able to combine genetics and psychology in order to explore your relationship and help it grow!

What if my partner and I get a low score?

We're running a research trial to find out. If you're interested in participating please send us your contact information and we'll tell you how you can help further the science of relationship compatibility.

How long does it take to get our results?

It usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete the testing and generate the individualized love manuals. Thank you for your patience as we process your DNA!

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