No surprise relatives, no criminal cases, no health scares. We take your genetic privacy very seriously at Instant Chemistry

This technique does not sequence the DNA.  It only gives us a tiny bit of information which focuses on the genes we tell you are being tested.  We believe a genetic test should be used to benefit you, the client. As a result, we wont unexpectedly link you to a long lost relative you never wanted to know about or meet.  You’ve got enough birthdays to celebrate without adding one more.


A look inside Instant Chemistry's book - The Love Manual: Making and Keeping a Connection.  This book explains your DNA results in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way through anecdotal stories with a psychological perspective.  This book is meant to provide meaningful information for your relationship.

Attraction: Using Your Sense of Smell

We’ve all heard the saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But is this actually the case? Evolutionary psychologist Dr. David Buss would argue yes and no – depending on which sex you’re talking about. While it is obvious that a person’s appearance factors into attraction, in the book “Why Women Have Sex”, Dr. Buss writes that women place a higher importance on smell than men do.
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