Exploring Love's Reflections: Art and Science as a Window into Relationships

This blog delves into the profound connections between art and the intricate tapestry of love and relationships. By examining three remarkable artworks— "Loves in the Snow under an Umbrella," "Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss," and "The Kiss" by Auguste Rodin— the blog explores the emotional depths these artworks encapsulate. Integrated with insights from Instant Chemistry's DNA analysis, the blog unravels the interplay between art and science, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of relationships. It showcases how DNA analysis contributes to our interpretation of the artworks, shedding light on themes such as protection and intimacy, transformative power, and physical intimacy within relationships. Ultimately, the blog highlights the harmony between art and science in unraveling the human experience of love.

Fertility and Genetics Go Hand-in-Hand the Science is Showing

Even with advances in fertility treatments, in some cases doctors are still unable to pinpoint the reason behind infertility.  As a result, research into fertility continues.  In a recent finding, another potential piece of the fertility puzzle has been identified.  Our biological compatibility has an effect on human sperm function. Biological compatibility is a form of genetic compatibility between two people.  It’s comprised of HLA (or Human Leukocyte Antigen) genes which form part of our immune system.  In biological compatibility, the more different two people’s HLA genes are, the more likely they are to experience physical attraction.  The theory behind...

What’s in your love manual?

Recently, Instant Chemistry released our love manual which accompanies a client’s genetic and psychological results.  It’s a really in-depth booklet, meant to turn your DNA result into a meaningful and useful tool to strengthen your relationship and help it grow.  But what does it include?  Here we show you what to expect when you receive your very own love manual.
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