Exploring Love's Reflections: Art and Science as a Window into Relationships

This blog delves into the profound connections between art and the intricate tapestry of love and relationships. By examining three remarkable artworks— "Loves in the Snow under an Umbrella," "Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss," and "The Kiss" by Auguste Rodin— the blog explores the emotional depths these artworks encapsulate. Integrated with insights from Instant Chemistry's DNA analysis, the blog unravels the interplay between art and science, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of relationships. It showcases how DNA analysis contributes to our interpretation of the artworks, shedding light on themes such as protection and intimacy, transformative power, and physical intimacy within relationships. Ultimately, the blog highlights the harmony between art and science in unraveling the human experience of love.


A look inside Instant Chemistry's book - The Love Manual: Making and Keeping a Connection.  This book explains your DNA results in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way through anecdotal stories with a psychological perspective.  This book is meant to provide meaningful information for your relationship.

Instant Chemistry makes DNA Analysis Meaningful for Couples

With the rise of social media and hundreds of cool new social, mobile dating apps, relationships are constantly put to the test. In order for your relationship to survive in this modern day world, you need to have a strong foundation. It’s important for couples to understand and appreciate the dynamics of their relationship in order to appreciate its value and whether to make an investment into its success. A big reason for relationship breakdown is a lack of understanding and communication between couples.

How to Use Your Home DNA Test

When you were a kid, did you ever have spitting competitions? I know I did. I wanted to spit just like they did in the movies or in the dugout of the major leagues. I knew though, I would get a serious scolding if my mom caught me. It’s bad manners to spit. But now I have a good excuse to do just that and it’s in the name of DNA. A home DNA test can sound intimidating but it’s as easy as fulfilling that childhood dream of spitting like you belong in the major leagues.  Let me explain how it works.
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