What’s in your love manual?

What’s in your love manual?

Recently, Instant Chemistry released our love manual which accompanies a client’s genetic and psychological results.  It’s a really in-depth booklet, meant to turn your DNA result into a meaningful and useful tool to strengthen your relationship and help it grow.  But what does it include?  Here we show you what to expect when you receive your very own love manual.


Your Personal Results

The love manual is a 27 page e-booklet outlining the results you received and how to interpret those results.  It is broken down into two sections.  The first section is all about you and your personal results.   The first result you see is your immune system results.   Here an explanation is given as to what the immune system genes are and what to do with those numbers and letters given to you in your results table.


Next you see an overview of your neurogenetic results.  This includes 4 genes known to influence emotional response, empathy, cognition, risk taking and adventurous behaviors.  You’ll read about why we tested each gene, what each gene is and how the different variations of the gene can affect you differently.  For each gene, your own personal result is accompanied by an explanation of how this gene variant can affect your life.  You also get to see your own DNA result in an image.  We actually take your DNA result and upload it into your love manual.  That way, you and your partner can compare DNA results and actually see the differences and similarities in your genes.


Your psychological result explains behavioural patterns in four different areas of well-researched dimensions of relationships.  It explains how strongly each of the four areas affects you and your behavioural patterns.  It gives insight into what your needs are from a relationship.


Your Compatibility Results

The second half of the love manual is all about your relationship.  You receive a certificate of compatibility and an overview of your compatibility results.  In the following pages, each compatibility result is broken down into their individual parts.

The biocompatibility section covers how your immune system genes mesh with your partner and affect physical attraction in your relationship.  But what is physical attraction exactly?  The love manual goes through what it is, and how to interpret your result in the context of your relationship.

For each of the neurocompatibility genes, you receive a score based on the gene variants that you and your partner carry.  A write-up for each gene describes how the genes that you and your partner carry might affect your relationship.  It gives ways to either nurture how those genes strengthen your relationship or reduce challenges that those gene combinations can create.  Either way you begin to understand your partner from a new perspective.  You learn how your inner strengths can be used to help your relationship stay strong through thick and thin, because every relationship has it challenges.

Your psychological compatibility result gives insight into what dimensions of your relationship need more attention, willingness to compromise and more understanding.  For those areas it provides tools and suggested ways to create that compromise and understanding.

Your Love Manual

The love manual is a great tool.  There’s no “fail” on this assessment.   There are only ways to nurture your relationship and help it grow, because we know every relationship is different and built on its’ own strengths and weaknesses.  The love manual gives you an understanding of yourself and your partner in ways that could never be found through online quizzes and questionnaires.  In this way, it helps you bond with your partner in a way you never could before and your relationship becomes stronger for it.

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