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How to find your DNA result

Tips on How to Find your DNA Results for a Specific SNP

Welcome to a quick guide on how to find your DNA results for a specific Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) after taking a DNA test. Whether you've used AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or another consumer genetics service, this guide will help you navigate through your results and locate information on a particular SNP.

Step 1:  You will need to download your DNA results from the company who tested you.  Below are links to YouTube videos which do a good job explaining how to download your DNA results.  If you don't see your company here and don't know how to access your results, you can email us at

Step 2: Locating your result in your text file

Once you have finished downloading your DNA, you will have a text file you can open.  It will be a very long file and will look like this when you open it.

Once your file is open, you will need to search for your specific SNP.  In this example we are searching for SNP rs53576.  To search, either press Ctrl+F or click Edit and select Find.

Once you locate you specific SNP, in this case rs53576, follow the row to the right where you will see two letters.  In this case the letters are GG.  This is your result for SNP rs53576.

When the search option finds your specific SNP, check there are no other numbers in the result except for what you are interested in.  So for example searching for rs53576 will give 2 results:  rs53576 (correct) and rs535765 (incorrect).  The second result (rs535655) is a different genetic result in a different gene.

If you search your text file and do not find the exact number you are looking for, you likely were not tested for that specific SNP and you will need to find a company that tests for that specific SNP to determine your result.

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