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Instant Chemistry's Relationship Kit helps you better understand your clients and their problems, keeping them engaged in your therapy process while also exceeding their expectations.

We understand that therapy dropout rates can be an issue for your practice. In fact, attrition rates can be as high as 35-40% after only three client sessions (1). One of the reasons for increased attrition rates are the increasing expectations that clients have for their therapists. We know that couples expect you to challenge them throughout the therapy process. Some clients expect you to learn more about them in greater detail. While others may even want you to lead them on a process of self-discovery (2). In order to improve engagement, retention and treatment outcomes with couples, it is essential to meet and even exceed expectations throughout your therapy process. 

Premature termination from therapy by clients can be a constant source of frustration because of wasted time, disrupted schedules and lost revenue. However, the cost of attrition is actually so much more to your business. Even if you manage to fill a newly freed time slot because of a cancelled client appointment, that new impromptu appointment can leave you feeling ill-prepared for sessions and may lead to increased anxiety or added stress for both you and your client. In addition, high no-show rates may also negatively affect your practice’s reputation or ability to provide consistent services. For all these reasons, it is important to find new ways to keep your clients engaged throughout your treatment process. 

There is a genetic basis to some behaviors that lead to conflict in relationships (3,4,5). Through Instant Chemistry's DNA kit, you can explore how your client's genetics are affecting the dynamics in their relationship.  Instant Chemistry's DNA Relationship Kit is designed to help relationship coaches, counsellors and therapists improve therapy continuance.  For less than the cost of a missed appointment, your clients will receive Instant Chemistry’s Relationship Kit to help increase their engagement while helping you exceed their expectations. 


Take your couples on a guided process of self-discovery. This process explores their innate behavioral inclinations that are helping or hurting their relationship. 


Having your couples take the DNA test helps you to meet your client's need to understand them better and exceed their expectations.  Meeting these needs increases client satisfaction and therapy compliance.


Provide a unique offering to your clients which separates you from the competition and takes the services you can offer to a new level. 

What is Instant Chemistry's Partner Program?

How does Instant Chemistry's DNA Relationship Kit Work?

  • Clients receive a kit, swab their cheek and mail the samples to our partner lab, Dynamic DNA Laboratories in the US.

  • Clients are tested for highly studied genetic markers.  The test looks at sexual attraction between couples. It also analyzes genes which affect personality.  The test includes an additional optional psychological assessment to look at complex behaviours that affect relationships.  These behaviours are not easily addressed by genetic variants.

  • A detailed report is returned to couples which discusses individual results, as well as relationship results.  The genes included in the Love Manual may be updated from time to time.

  • Clients receive a copy of our e-book. The genes discussed in the e-book may vary from the genes tested in the Love Manual.

  • Testing is done at our the lab of our testing partner Dynamic DNA Laboratories.  Dynamic DNA Laboratories is a state of the art CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory. The lab is held to the highest of molecular testing lab standards and ensures your DNA and data is kept safe and secure at all times.

What are the benefits to joining Instant Chemistry's Partner Program?

  • Receive a $50 referral fee for every Instant Chemistry Kit purchased.

  • Your client’s receive 10% off the list price.

  • Access to additional Instant Chemistry services and training.

  • Prioritized sample processing.

  • Confidential and private.


"This test has been great for our relationship! It was able to highlight our individual tendencies (like my husband being a Warrior and me being a Worrier) and also give us specific tips on how to accommodate our differences. One of the scores showed us that we both have difficulty interpreting each other's emotions so we're actively trying to be more patient and explicit with each other, especially at times when we just want the other person to read our mind!"

- Sarah, Portland USA

"The results showed my partner that I am genetically predisposed to be less sociable than him, and so now when he’s arranging social events, he’s a lot more understanding when I ask if it’s ok to miss an event here and there. In addition, I didn’t realise my partner would love all the graphs and science in the report as much as he did - I prefer headlines and a few stats when I’m reading something, but seeing my partner’s attention to detail (as reflected in his results!) helped me understand his other behaviours e.g. meticulous pension planning and going through bank statements! All in all, the results have made us more understanding and accepting of each other."

- Cathy, London UK

“My boyfriend and I differ in our responses to emotional stress. I have to admit, I’ll have an extreme reaction and he’ll remain quite unemotional – this result definitely sheds light on this difference! On balance, I’d recommend this test to a couple who’ve been together for a few years and want a fun way to ‘kick the tyres’ on their relationship. The results caused my boyfriend and I to have a few interesting discussions, and I really do think it’s brought us a little bit closer together."

- Emily, New York USA

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Improve Therapy Continuance  With Instant Chemistry's Relationship Kit

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