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With Instant Chemistry's DNA Relationship Kit

Instant Chemistry's Relationship Kit helps you better understand your clients and their problems, keeping them engaged in your therapy process while also exceeding their expectations.

We understand that therapy dropout rates can be an issue for your practice. In fact, attrition rates can be as high as 35-40% after only three client sessions (Mamod-houssen et al., 2005). One of the reasons for increased attrition rates are the increasing expectations that clients have for their therapists. We know that couples expect you to challenge them throughout the therapy process. Some clients expect you to learn more about them in greater detail. While others may even want you to lead them on a process of self-discovery (Tambling, 2013). In order to improve engagement, retention and treatment outcomes with couples, it is essential to meet and even exceed expectations throughout your therapy process. 

 Premature termination from therapy by clients can be a constant source of frustration because of wasted time, disrupted schedules and lost revenue. However, the cost of attrition is actually so much more to your business. Even if you manage to fill in a newly freed time slot because of a cancelled client appointment, that new impromptu appointment can leave you feeling ill-prepared for sessions and may lead to increased anxiety or added stress for both you and your client. In addition, high no-show rates may also negatively affect your practice’s reputation or ability to provide consistent services. For all these reasons, it is important to try to find new ways to keep your clients engaged throughout your treatment process. 

There is a genetic basis to this behavior (Rodrigues et al. 2009) and other behaviors that lead to conflict in relationships. Instant Chemistry has created a DNA Relationship Kit to help relationship coaches, counsellors and therapists improve therapy continuance.   For less than the cost of a missed appointment, your clients will receive Instant Chemistry’s Relationship Kit to help you improve engagement, support therapy compliance and help exceeding your client's expectations. Lean how using Instant Chemistry's personalised DNA reports enables this.


Takes your couples on a guided process of self-discovery. This process explores their innate behavioral inclinations that are helping or hindering their relationship. 


Improve therapy continuance.


You can have your couples tested for these genes which will help engage and exceed their expectations of the service you can provide.

What is Instant Chemistry's Partnership Program?

How does Instant Chemistry's DNA Relationship Kit Work?

Our kit tests 14 highly studied genetic markers which investigates your client’s innate reactions to stress, anxiety and empathy. It also looks at sexual attraction between the couple and a psychological assessment explores their psychological approach to relationships.

What are the benefits to joining Instant Chemistry's Partnership Program

Our partners with receive a $75 referral fee for every Instant Chemistry Kit purchased with your referral code. Additionally, your client’s will receive $25 off the list price with your unique referral code. Sign-up to learn more.

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Improve Therapy ContinuanceWith Instant Chemistry's Relationship Kit

We are committed to helping you support your clients on a journey of self-discovery and greater relationship satisfaction.