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If you’re interested in the research Instant Chemistry has  highlighted in 2021, you can find it all here! 

Why do we have it listed?  Because as Albert Einstein once said “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”  Enjoy!

Romantic relationships have been described as being among the most meaningful and complex social tie. Two theories guide how we try to understand this incredibly important aspect of our lives: attachment theory and interdependence theory.  A commonality in both theories is the importance of trust to functioning relationships.  Trust guides how we perceive the dependability of our partner and our faith in the future of our relationship. Building and keeping trust is essential to relationship success.

Research continues to add to the growing body of evidence that body odour has a significant impact on our romantic relationships.  In a recent review of the subject, scientists found that how good someone smells to you affects your choice of romantic partners, provides a source of comfort in your existing relationship AND signals the breakdown of a relationship if your partner’s body odour loses its appeal.  This study of biological compatibility continues to show how important this non-visual signals is for physical intimate attraction.

Our intimate partner typically plays a big role in our lives and what they bring to our lives can be very important.  In fact, the more established and committedour relationship becomes, the more our mental health improves.  This is of course also associated with the health of that relationship.  The more healthy a relationship becomes, the greater the benefits to our mental health.  These findings suggest intimate relationships are a keystone component of human functioning with potential to influence a broad array of mental health outcomes.

Our healthy romantic relationships are an incredibly important aspect of our lives.  Not only do they provide emotional security, but they affect our individual health.  A flourishing body of literature is showing that individuals with attachment anxiety or avoidance have more struggles with mental and physical health.  However, providing support and understanding of anxiously and avoidantly attached individuals can help improve mental health and well-being.

The serotonin transporter gene we test for is associated with changes in marital satisfaction over time. This gene affects how strongly you respond emotionally to life events.  The gene has two versions.  The “short” version makes you respond more strongly, while the “long” version makes your response less emotionally intense. Couples who both carry the “short” version are more likely to have declines in marital satisfaction over time. Instant Chemistry helps uncover this genetic predisposition, which is entirely out of your control, butmay be damaging your relationship, and empowers you with ways to move past this predisposition.

Research, discovered this year, has identified another connection between our genetics and relationship satisfaction. The research shows that a gene which affects our ability to trust and show gratitude and forgiveness is associated with lasting martial satisfaction. Couples carrying the version of this gene which increases trust, gratitude and forgiveness had lasting martial satisfaction over the whole study, which lasted from the time of marriage to 3 years after marriage.

More and more research is showing how our genes contribute to our intimate, romantic relationships. Genetic factors play a role in how likely we are to divorce. Genetic factors play a role in how likely we are to get married. Genetics have been shown to play a role in marital conflict, pair-bonding, empathy, communication and relationship quality and functioning. It’s becoming more and more clear that understanding how our genetics contribute to our relationshipis so important for a happy, healthy, long lasting relationship.

The platypus is categorized as mammal, but it is the oddest mammal of them all. They lay eggs AND nurse their young with milk after they hatch. The platypus has 10 sex chromosomes (5X and 5Y for male and 10X for female), sweat milk through their skin and have genes from birds, reptiles and mammals. They are also venomous and their fur is fluorescent. But if that's not enough to blow your mind for the day, I leave you with this....why did the platypus cross the road? To prove he wasn't a chicken.

In Switzerland in 1995, a landmark research study was done. Women were asked to smell shirts worn by men and rank how attractive the men were based on smell alone. They had never met these men. The results showed these women ranked men with “HLA genes” unlike their own as more attractive. This is biological compatibility. Since this publication, many other studies have confirmed up to 40% of physical attraction can be determined through our genes alone. There is now strong scientific evidence that biologically compatible partners enjoy greater attraction to one another and have superior relationship stability.

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