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what’s a GENETIC test?

Genetic test refers to a test which looks at your genome which is made up of your DNA. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a very long molecule found inside your cells.  This molecule can be broken down into 4 different smaller molecules called nucleotides. The order these nucleotides are found in your genetic sequence is a “code” to create proteins in your cells.  It’s called the central dogma. The sequence of nucleotides in your genome is “read” and turned into proteins, which carry out functions in your cells.  Your entire genetic sequence is not “read” by every cell.  The genome is structured into genes and each gene has a sequence of nucleotides coding for an individual protein.  Each cell contains every gene, but not every gene is used in each cell.  So for example, some genes get used in your eyes that do not get used in your liver.

When we do a genetic test, we collect cells, often from saliva.  The cells have all of your genes, even though not every gene is being used in the cell.  Using a series of chemicals and sticky membranes, we separate your genome from all other material in your saliva.  In a process similar to your own body's DNA replication process we make many copies of your purified genetic sequence.  DNA is incredibly small, so we make many copies to have enough for our laboratory machines to “see” your genome and figure out the sequence of nucleotides.  Imagine you drew a thin line with a very fine pen.  You might see the line, but you might have to look very closely and focus hard on trying to see it.  Now, imagine you drew that thin line over and over and over again.  Each time you draw the line it becomes a little darker and easier to see.  This is the same idea as making copies of your genetic sequence.  It gets easier to “see” with many copies and makes it easier for our laboratory machines to get an accurate reading of the nucleotides used in the gene being analyzed.

It is differences in nucleotide sequences in your gene that create different affects on your body.  Because the sequence of nucleotides in your gene are used to create protein, small changes in the sequence can lead to big changes in how the protein works.  Changes in how proteins work lead to changes in how they function in the cell and ultimately changes in how our bodies respond to things, like caffeine, stress, lactose etc.  Once we know the nucleotide sequence of your gene, we are able to link it to scientific research on how these changes in sequence ultimately affect your body. This is how genetic tests work to provide you with the results and insights from your genetic sample.    

what's in the instant chemistry GENETIC test?

Our genetic test genetically analyzes part of your genome related to intimate relationship compatibility  

If luck hasn’t been on your side when it comes to love, don’t give up. Instant Chemistry offers a different approach to love; one that’s been scientifically proven to increase your chance at a successful relationship. Instant Chemistry’s genetic test uses cutting-edge technology to determine intimate relationship compatibility using a simple, non-invasive collection of DNA from two people.

The kit tests for 132 gene variants in the human leukocyte antigens (HLA) system that have been associated with increased physical attraction, longer lasting relationships, and better sex lives. We also test for genes which affect personality. For example, we test for a receptor which binds oxytocin, a hormone which affects how empathic you are to others. Understanding your partner’s emotional behavior is the key to successfully dealing with relationship challenges, solving problems and better communication.


There’s no “fail” on this compatibility test for couples.  The relationship advice provided is only to nurture your intimate relationship and help it grow, because we know every intimate relationship is different and built on its’ own strengths and weaknesses.  The results report gives you a real ability to achieve your couple goals in ways that could never be found through online quizzes and questionnaires.  It helps you bond with your partner in a highly intimate way you could never before know and your relationship becomes stronger for it.

Here are a few quick facts about
our GENETIC test

dna collECtions

DNA is collected from a simple cheek swab.


All submissions are completely private and secure.


Results are delivered within 4-6 weeks.

At Instant Chemistry, we understand that privacy matters when it comes to your love life. That’s why we guarantee that we will never sell, lease, or rent your personal DNA information to any third party organization.

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