Dating Advice for Defusing Emotionally Charged Dating situations with these 6 tips

Dating Advice for Defusing Emotionally Charged Dating situations with these 6 tips

Dating Advice: Defuse Emotionally Charged Dating situations with these 6 tips

We have all been there, in that awkward situation of a dating disaster and that very moment when your emotions take it too far with the wrong words starting to come out of your mouth! And ingesting a few glasses of wine in the mix, emotions are heightened and world war 3 can erupts in to emotional mayhen! With so many feelings rushing around at the same time, the lines can get blurred of what could have been a perfectly nice and respectable date! It is all about learning to throw water on to the fire instead of fuel. By learning these 6 techniques you will be able to defuse the emotion and take back control of the situation.


1. Take down the walls

By taking down your protective walls, this will help in so many ways to deal with a situation in the correct manner. They are an automatic defence mechanism which sometimes we don’t always realise when they have gone up and can make a situation worse as it stops you thinking clearly, it will give you tunnel vision, being unable to see the other side of the situation! It is a very natural reaction that we have, a bit like cornering an animal and the defence kicks in, so remember to tame the wild side of yourself!

2. Take a step back

Now I don’t mean this in the literal scene but to do this in your mind with your emotions. By pulling your thoughts back it will help the channels in the brain to unblock and then you will be able process things a lot better and clearer. Evaluation of a time of huge emotion will help you to dull down the irrational feeling!

3. Control your breathing

Something as simple as breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth will do wonders in dealing with a highly charged situation! It will cool you down, slow down your pounding heart which will then control the blood flow rushing to you head, making it easier for you to think and be responsive!

4. Notice the notions of your thought process

Sometimes our minds can run away with us, so by noticing how your mind processes will help you stop and ensure you don’t go over the top in what you have to say. Something that might seem like a good idea in the moment could end up being a down fall in sentiment. When you can realise the true power of a thought, you can then own it, over power it and take control of the emotional bubble.

5. Time to reflect

By reflecting on an emotional situation that you are in will help you think forward and progress in to an outward thinking way, which can lead to a new way of thinking, making things clearer in your mind and the situation, instead of going backwards in to more chaotic place! You must always be true to your feelings but sometime you can see them backwards, leading you down the wrong path of thought!

6. Your response  

Think out what you are going to respond with and don’t just go for the first thing that pops in to your mind. This will make you take the upper hand, will help you look and act like the bigger person with the perfect and calculated reply.

Emotions are the biggest things that we have to deal with in life so don’t fall short with them, use them to find love. Letting go of past emotional situations will let your future emotions grow and be successful!

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