Dating without the fake reality of tinder: 3 important reasons tinder doesn’t work

Dating without the fake reality of tinder: 3 important reasons tinder doesn’t work

Dating Without the Fake Reality of Tinder

Tinder has been a blessing for those interested in hookups, but it’s become a massive problem for those desiring a lasting relationship. Tinder is a superficial app that forces you to quickly judge entirely on appearances, but this can lead to problems in dating and your own mindset. This guide will help you to break Tinder’s superficial spell so you can focus on what’s best for you!


Life Without First Impressions

First impressions are crucial and important for a relationship, but Tinder changes the entire social dynamic in an unnatural way. In real life, you’ll instantly notice how someone looks, sounds, smells, and acts in your presence. You’ll pick up on subconscious cues that are entirely absent online, but it’s these cues that make for a lasting relationship. Some people can’t stand another person’s odor or mannerisms, but they may not even realize it on a conscious level!

On Tinder, you only have a surface impression of the person. While looks are important in a relationship, they’re far from the only thing you should care about. Tinder focuses only on looks, and this is not what you want when seeking a beneficial relationship.

A Misguided Focus

Tinder is based entirely on looks, but this mindset disregards everything else about a relationship. When you meet someone in real life, you may fall for them even if they don’t meet all of your expectations. They may have brown hair when you prefer blond, or their eyes may be a different color as well. However, everything else about them may come together in a perfect way that makes you not care about a few insignificant details!

On Tinder, you’ll only swipe those who meet your exact list of preferences. If you love blue eyes, you’ll likely not focus on a single brown eyed person! This reduces your overall dating pool, and it also reduces your chances of finding the perfect person. Tinder forces you to focus on the smallest and least important details, and in doing so, you’ll likely overlook some great people.

A Changed Outlook on Life

It’s true that people are judged on their looks in real life, but nothing is as cutthroat as Tinder. Tinder forces you to judge people based entirely on their looks, but this mindset will follow you outside of the app as well. You’ll become more focused solely on looks everywhere you go, and this will also make you more worried about your own looks. As you further judge people, you’ll also realize that they are harshly judging you. This creates a toxic mindset that can affect your dating life for years to come.

Life Without Tinder

Tinder may still work as a hookup app, but it’s not the best for dating. Dating is a complicated thing, and you’ll never know when a date will lead to a lasting relationship. Some dates start off terribly but grow to be something more, and others start off well only to become worse down the line. Tinder moves things far too quickly and superficially, and this means you can never truly get to know someone. To have a fulfilling relationship, you should focus on your needs and the other person’s personality instead of only superficialities like looks. Looks are important, but they shouldn’t be the focus of your relationship. Move on from Tinder to work towards a healthier future relationship!

Written by Sonya Schwartz – chief editor of

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