With all the DNA testing that is now available, it can be confusing about what a test is actually telling you.  What is the science behind the test?  What was the research done?  And what does my result mean for me?


So what we’ve done at Instant Chemistry is provide that information to you, in an easy to understand book that is FREE!  Whether you have just taken the test with your loved one, are thinking of taking the test, or are just plain old curious, our book, The Love Manual: Making and Keeping a Connection, will help explain how your genetic code can provide meaningful information for your relationship.

Combined with insights from lead author and clinical psychologist, Dr. Joel Block, we journey through the genetic research into relationship science and combine it with fun anecdotal stories and Dr. Block’s psychological interpretation.  This combination of biology and psychology in easy to read stories, makes the Love Manual a first-of-its-kind in making genetic testing meaningful and accessible to everyone.


“We are a product of nature and nurture. As for the nurture aspect of our being, there are differing socializations of men and women. It comes down to this: by way of varying social conditioning and quite likely differing biological wiring, men and women deal with their emotional lives in a manner that can lead to frustration and anguish. As if it is a cruel trick, the onset of the conflict usually does not occur during the ecstasy of the honeymoon period, but afterwards, when commitment has been made and their hearts have become entwined.  if relationships continue past the honeymoon period and they are going to succeed on an emotional level, men, especially those with the long form of the serotonin transporter are going to have to stretch, since by way of socialization and biology they are not naturally suited for feelings being the basis of their interaction.

Women must also stretch, especially if their socialization is combined with the short form of the serotonin transporter gene. Primarily, they would be wise to not take the difference in this important aspect of their relationship personally. It is not about them, it is about the different ways men and women interact and about differing genetics. That is the point, it is not that one partner doesn’t have feelings, it is simply approached differently. And, it is not that the other partner is a hysteric, but more emotionally sensitive.”

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