How to Apply Your Compatibility Test Results to Your Life

How to Apply Your Compatibility Test Results to Your Life

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first Instant Chemistry compatibility test. Trying to digest what everything means? We’ve written a guide for you to better understand what your test results say about you and your relationship.

Let’s jump in.

Your Results

Your personal results will give you two pieces of genetic information and a psychological assessment. As a couple, you will both receive a compatibility score too.


But your relationship is more complex than a few percentages and data points, so taking a moment to consider what your compatibility test results mean for the future of your relationship is also key to making it stronger.

Your Genetic Information

One of two pieces of genetic information you receive is about your serotonin transporter gene, which affects your emotional response. This gene helps moderate our response to negative and positive situations. Each person has either a long or short copy of the gene, determining whether you are said to be stable or sensitive.

I often like to ask people who carry the sensitive gene (leading to greater emotional response) what they assume this information means for their relationship. They almost always reply how they “now understand” why they react so strongly to circumstances. Accepting it’s sometimes their genetic makeup that affects the emotional wave on their relationship, eases the anxiety associated with their reactions.

There is power in knowledge.

The second piece of genetic information is about the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes of your immune system.  As a couple, they give you an idea of how much of your relationship is built upon physical attraction.  While the psychological assessment focuses on how well your personalities mesh.

Your Compatibility Score

The genetic results given in the compatibility test are working genes that give rise to proteins that affect our lives and our relationships.  Based on the set of genes you carry, this either increases or decreases your score on the compatibility test.

The compatibility score provides insight into your relationship revealing your nature so your nurture can strengthen it and build your character as an individual.

  • Your Nature – Your nature is a referred to as a blueprint of your genes. It gives insight into your genetic makeup and what types of genes are keeping your body functioning with such amazing efficiency.
  • Your Nurture – Your nurture is your life history and just like the way genes shape your body, your life history shapes you!

Think of a situation where a couple scores low on their biological compatibility component, but high on their psychological component.  This just means that their relationship is built more strongly on psychological aspects than physical attraction.

It may be all they need to nurture that physical component is to share a few more romantic dinners each month.  If the couple scores low on their emotional component, like the couple I spoke to, they can now understand why they react in certain ways and consider that during stressful situations.

Remember, the compatibility test is not deterministic, but informative.  It provides a way for couples to make their relationship stronger, longer-lasting and more fulfilling.

What to Do With Your Results

Take advantage of what science says and apply what you have learned here to nurture your wonderful relationship.

You now know a lot more about each other and that’s something to be proud of! Brag about your results and show your friends how valuable this kind of information is to the two of you.

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